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Cinema "Adrenalin"

Cinema "Adrenalin"
Address:Karbysheva St., 1
Phone: +38 (0332) 78-72-20
+38 (0332) 78-46-70
Open hours:9 a.m - 24 p.m

The Cinema "Adrenalin" is located in the sports and entertainment complex "Adrenalin City". Red, blue and silver halls of the Cinema "Adrenalin" invite movie fans to watch the films in 2D and 3D-formats.

In the Cinema there are three halls: red – 3D-hall for 204 seats, blue – 2D-hall for 146 seats, silver – 2D (films) and 3D-hall (cartoons), for 41 seats.

A usual movie in 5D- format turns into an extraordinary adventure that real extreme can evaluate. Halls are equipped with absorbing panels and wide screens (size of the screen in big red hall of 13×5.6 m, in the blue room – 5×2.8 m) and comfortable seating, located at a safe distance from the screens.

In the halls is installed the latest projection equipment – Dolby System, which operates in accordance with the acoustic requirements of the "Dolby Laboratories Inc". Its main feature is an extra surround-channel of Dolby Digital format, through which the sound in the room delivers more accurately (for each seat of the hall equally), and transmits all the subtlety of the existing special effects. With Dolby each viewer, which is located in the hall, grows sense of reality of events on the screen. Viewers can watch only licensed movies. In the lobby of the cinema is café, where you can spend your time waiting for the performance.


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