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Railway for children in Lutsk

Railway for children in Lutsk
Address:Shopena St. 14a
Phone: +38 (0332) 24-03-57
Open hours:Sat.-Sun.: 11 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Number of seats:76
Spoken languages:Українська мова

There is the smallest railway station for children in Lutsk, its length is 1,5 km.  The train for children will take you from the railway station “Rosynka” to the railway station “Vodograi” in 7 minutes. The railway station was opened in 1954.

Locomotive drivers are the youth, who work under the supervising of professionals.

The railway for children is available every weekends and also in holidays from May till September; there is also possibility for individual excursions. 


Ticket price:

Kids - 6 UAH

Adults - 10 UAH



  • перехожий24-07-2012 15:06reply

    от тільки чомусь графік роботи в реалі не підтверджується!

  • Андрій21-08-2012 18:10reply

    А можна якось прийти до вас вчітися на машеніста мані 12 років чі ні і я зкого місяця набирають дітей

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