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Romantic stories of Lutsk

Romantic stories of Lutsk
Address:Senatorka Levchanivska street, 2
Spoken languages:Українська мова, English, Русский, Polski
Група до 5 осіб - 200 грн.(польською, англійською - 300 грн.); 5 - 10 осіб - 300 грн.(польською, англійською - 400 грн.); 10-20 осіб - 400 грн.(польською, англійською - 500 грн.)

Some of them have lived together with someone and created a happy life. Some were forced to lose this feeling because of the epidemic and wars.

There are also funny stories, such as the lady Anna Borzobagatyanka and her husband Alexander Zhoravnytskyi.

In order to fully enjoy the romanticism of our town - take a tour.

The duration of the historic journey is 2 hours.


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