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St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral

St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral
Address:Kafedralna St. 6
Phone: +38 (0332) 72-34-32
Location:Old city

Saint Paul's and Peter's Cathedral was built in 1616-1639 based on a design of Italian architect Giacomo Briano.  Among Jesuit cathedrals in Eastern Europe, Lutsk Cathedral is the largest.  Originally the architecture was in the renaissance style, and the building now includes examples of baroque and classic as well.

The cathedral’s gallery is entered through a main façade which is flanked by two towers. The facade is the most beautiful part of the cathedral’s exterior. The sculpture of God’s Mother is the central feature. She is presented standing on the Earth and fighting with a snake. The entrance is flanked by sculptures of St. Peter and St. Paul.

The Jesuit college, which is situated near the Cathedral, was an early higher educational institute, which housed a huge library and student theatre.  King Vladyslav spent much time here and the college was attended by children from rich and famous families of Volyn.


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