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Thematic excursion "The town of Lesia’s Childhood"

Thematic excursion "The town of Lesia’s Childhood"
Address:Senatorka Levchanivska street, 2
Spoken languages:Українська мова, English, Русский, Polski
Група до 5 осіб - 200 грн.(польською, англійською - 300 грн.); 5 - 10 осіб - 300 грн.(польською, англійською - 400 грн.); 10-20 осіб - 400 грн.(польською, англійською - 500 грн.)

Beloved in the atmosphere of Lutsk was the daughter of the famous Olena Pchilka and Petro Kosach Larysa. The girl was destined to become a genius of the Ukrainian world of words. And her first poem Lesya Ukrainka was written in Lutsk. Here is where she studied and where she grown up; she was happy being in the company of younger brothers and sisters. Here on the baptism she fell ill with a terrible disease, with which for a long thirty years it led its own war.

Learn about these and other facts from the history of Lesya Ukrainka by visiting our tour.

Duration - 2 hours


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