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Thematic tour "Names of Lutsk"

Thematic tour "Names of Lutsk"
Address:Senatorka Levchanivska street, 2
Spoken languages:Українська мова, English, Русский, Polski
Група до 5 осіб - 200 грн.(польською, англійською - 300 грн.); 5 - 10 осіб - 300 грн.(польською, англійською - 400 грн.); 10-20 осіб - 400 грн.(польською, англійською - 500 грн.)

During the excursion you will find out about the founder of our city Luka, hear about the great princes of Lithuanian Lyubart and Vytautas. 

In the company of a guide you take a stroll along the paths of the city boomers, where the clergy are known and unknown to you as well.

Well, where's the new times? Katerina Desnytska, Vaclav Zeman, Lesia Ukrainka, Modest Levytsky and others - their life stories interwoven within Lutsk, you will hear those stories walking in the streets, where once these prominent figures also went.

Duration of excursion - 2 hours


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