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Art Show "Night at Lutsk Castle"

Art Show "Night at Lutsk Castle"
Address:Lutsk Castle
Phone: +38 (0332) 72-34-26
Date:16 June

There is one night in Lutsk when life is swirling in the medieval castle until dawn.

 The entire community looks forward to the art show "Night at Lutsk Castle" the whole year round. Under cover of the shortest summer night each participant has the opportunity to represent the personage of knight, crowned person, the court servant or artisan. The old romantic atmosphere, created by dances and music of the Middle Ages, knights' tournaments, and lots of candles, fire show, mulled wine, walks in the phaeton and mysterious cave, can return people to the past ...

 "Night at Lutsk Castle" – is a synthesis of ancient and modern, history and art. Night extravaganza lets get acquainted with many genres of art and popular performers. Master Class is conducted by famous masters of folk art, artists, film directors and video-art, members of clubs of historical reconstruction.

 During 2007-2012 years in the walls of Lutsk castle the medieval atmosphere was reproduced by musical groups, such as "Stary Olsa" and "Testamentum Terrae" from Belarus, "Tryzna" from Poland, "Bakchus" from the Czech Republic, "Lviv menestreli" and "Kings & Beggars" from Lviv and Lithuanian theater of historical reconstruction "Viduramziai", historical reconstruction clubs "Aquitania" (Lutsk). Contemporary music was presented by Slavko Vakarchuk and band "Okean Elzy", Oleg Skrypka and group "VV", Ruslana, popular musical groups "Haydamaky", "Zdob si zdub" (Moldova), "Mgzavrebi" (Georgia), "Rock-H"and many others.

 See photo report of "Night at Lutsk Castle" 2012


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