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Museum of Agriculture in Volyn

Museum of Agriculture in Volyn
Address:Rokyni village, Shkilna St. 1
Phone: +38 (0332) 70-93-75
+38 (099) 075-79-40
Spoken languages:Українська мова
Location:Out of the city

Museum of Agriculture in Volyn is a skansen, which is located on an area of over 170 thousand km 2 at Rokyni village (12 km from Lutsk). The museum was opened in 1979.

 The author of an idea to create a museum – is Petro Tesluk, author and developer of the museum – Olexander Mykolayovych Seredyuk. In 1983, the department of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine awarded to the Museum of the History of Agriculture in Volyn a honorary title "National Museum."

 Interesting and exciting exposition materials of seven halls of the museum tell about the origins of agriculture and stockbreeding in the Volyn region, improvement of agricultural implements, representing the history of agriculture development of Volyn from ancient times to the present, agricultural science, land features of the natural conditions for farming.

 On the initiative of director of museum Olexander Seredyuk in 1989 was begun the construction at the landscape of Rokyni park the current exposure in the open air – "Cossack’s winter abode ", exhibits of which harmonious blend in nature reserve. The visitors can become familiar not only with the monuments of ancient residential, commercial, monumental and farm wooden building, but also immerse themselves in an interesting journey by protected paths of past centuries. In the exposition the landmark occupies the monument to Cossack Mamay – warrior, defender, and the winner.

 Cossack village lives: you can not only visit the traditional buildings, but also learn how to embroider, weave, knead dough, ride on horseback, plow, spend the night in the fragrant hay, or by long tradition sing christmas carols or feel emotions of Kupala night, haymaking, reaping, Andrew vechornytsi.

 In the "Cossack’s winter abode" works "School of Cossack’s endurance" – youth organization, founded by Olexander Seredyuk, who teaches Combat Hopak.

 By Olga Rogova, senior researcher of the museum



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  • Оксана27-05-2019 09:02reply

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