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Thematic excursion "Lutsk multiculture"

Thematic excursion "Lutsk multiculture"
Address:Senatorka Levchanivska street, 2
Група до 5 осіб - 200 грн.(польською, англійською - 300 грн.); 5 - 10 осіб - 300 грн.(польською, англійською - 400 грн.); 10-20 осіб - 400 грн.(польською, англійською - 500 грн.)

In Lutsk, from the times of the Middle Ages, lived the Lithuanians, Poles, Armenians, Jews, Czechs, and the Karaites. Each of these nationalities deprived itself of the monuments, architecture, poetry, manuscripts of books, etc.

Want to learn about the Armenian or the Karaites communities - you also have to take a tour with us!

The duration of this informative historical walk is 2 hours.


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