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Thematic excursion "Polish Lutsk"

Thematic excursion "Polish Lutsk"
Address:Senatorka Levchanivska street, 2
Spoken languages:Українська мова, English, Русский, Polski
Група до 5 осіб - 200 грн.(польською, англійською - 300 грн.); 5 - 10 осіб - 300 грн.(польською, англійською - 400 грн.); 10-20 осіб - 400 грн.(польською, англійською - 500 грн.).

The political unification of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania contributed to the change of the administrative status of Lutsk. From the middle of the 16th century the city became the  center of the Voievodship.

At that time, Lutsk already had Magdeburg law, so much of the city's remarkable events were related to the work of the self-governing government - the magistrate, its interaction and mutual influence with the population, and the rulers of the castle including the clergy.

The excursion route will cover the events in the city of the 16th - the end of the 18th century and the period of the Second Commonwealth in the Interwar period.


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