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A good trip is not always expensive

A good trip is not always expensive

Travel agency "Novi mandry" offers a one-day bus tours every weekend only for only 97 UAH:

Lutsk - Dubno (Castle) - Tarakaniv (Fort)

Ostrogski Castle is the oldest building in the city of Dubno. The original date of its construction is considered to be 1492. The Ostrogski castle was rebuilt in stone in the early 16th century. It had a church, a two-storey palace, and an impressive array of 73 cannons. It was there that the treasury of the Ostrogski family was kept.

Tarakaniv fort - fortification, architectural monument of the 19th century. It is located in a picturesque area overlooking the river Ikvoyu near the village Tarakaniv of Dubenskyi district, Rivne region.

Lutsk - Klevan (Tunnel of Love) - Olyka - (Castle of the Radzivill family)

During the tour you will visit the residence of Prince Radziwill, who left us the luxurious Palace (Defense Castle).

Tunnel of Love is a botanical phenomenon. It is formed by thickets trees, bushes, which intertwined with each other and created an amazing tunnel.

Lutsk - Volodymyr-Volynskyi - Zymne (Monastery)

Volodymyr-Volynskyi is known as one of the oldest cities in Volyn, which was first mentioned in chronicles around 988. Town is named after its founder - King Volodymyr the Great. One of the prominent landmarks of the city the oldest existing church the Assumption Cathedral built by Mstyslav Izyaslavovych in 1160.

The Uspensky Svyatogorsky Monastery (the Assumption Monastery at the Holy Mountain or Zymne Monastery) is a stauropegial Ukrainian Orthodox cave monastery, located at the top of the Holy Mountain rising above the Luh River near the village of Zymne. The origin of the monastery is uncertain, but a monastic legend attributes its foundation to Vladimir the Great, who allegedly built there two churches and his winter palace, from which the village takes its name.

According to the wishes of tourists the tour may include a picnic and entertainment.

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