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A playground for kids will be working at "Banderstadt"

A playground for kids will be working at "Banderstadt"

Do you want to visit "Banderstadt-2014" and have fun together with your kids? Then make sure you visit creative workshops and entertainment program, arranged specially for the youngest visitors.

The playground will be organized by the group of Lutsk moms who launched a web-page for Lutsk parents (

The playgroung will also have a place, where parents will be able to relax with their babies. Additionally, Banderstadt volunteers will be working with the kids and making sure everyone's having fun!

Every day about 15 free workshops will be hold. The kid will learn how to make clay pots on a real potter's wheel or find out the basics of aerodesign. There also will be a lesson on how to make a traditional doll called "motanka".



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