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Grape minimalism

Grape minimalism

The walls of a tiny arch in one of Lutsk's streets hide a Cafe.

Brick frames from the surrounding buildings are drowning in overgrown vines in summer, and in winter are buried in snow, and that reminds me of Kryyivka.


Optimally selected lines multiplied by the monochrome space provides a sense calmness and ease. Surrounded by the spectrum of black-and-white colors, a yellow stripe appears simple and somewhat aesthetic from the chairs. The overall atmosphere of the establishment gives a "natural feeling" and so much needed space. White walls and ceiling, grayish floor and long windows can build in the visitor’s mind, a monk’s room, where he falls asleep while reading late at night, but at the same time well-defined modern touch presented by the XXI century. The simplicity and purity of the overall picture emphasize its delicacy.

The minimalism of the interior provides a great opportunity to use the place for exhibiting works of artists. In particular, the cafe hosted exhibitions of Kostia Mazuryk, Andrew Kalkov, and Vadym Pavlosyuk.

It’s a perfect place for those who like to sit with a cup coffee or tea and a good book, while being surrounded by works of art.


* One of Lutsk's streets – Lesya Ukrainka Str, 49.

* a Cafe - "Vynograd" (“Grapes”).

Photos: Internet-page of "Vynograd" on facebook.



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