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“Honey” Lutsk has won at “ECOHALA”!

“Honey” Lutsk has won at “ECOHALA”!

From May 23-25, 2014, Lutsk was represented for the first time at the VIII International Exhibition of Eco-food “ECOHALA – 2014”, which is traditionally held in our partner town Rzeszow (Poland).

Lutsk was represented by a delegation consisting of Katherine Telipska, the Head of the Department of Tourism Development of the Lutsk City Council, Volodymyr Dmytruk, the Head of the Brotherhood of Volyn Beekeepers “Roiovyi Stan”, and Anton and Mary Shotik, members of the Council of the Brotherhood of Volyn Beekeepers.

This year 96 participants from different regions of Poland, Romania, Greece, Georgia and Italy presented their goods (dairy and meat products, bakery items, juice, wine, etc.). Eco-products of Ukraine were offered by only two regions, Lutsk and Lviv.

First place for best booth design was unanimously awarded by the committee of “ECOHALA” to Lutsk! And our beekeepers were presented with a contemporary music system.



Lutsk presented ecological products of the Brotherhood of Volyn Beekeepers “Roiovyi Stan”: honey, honey-based drinks, honey desserts, honey cosmetics and other healthcare items made of bee products. All interested visitors had an opportunity to taste sweet honey and try out the miraculous power of honey cosmetics.

Everyone who came to our booth learned about the unique historical and cultural heritage and contemporary culture of Lutsk, received city guides and maps, brochures and other promotional materials. Our representatives invited potential tourists to visit famous Volyn and Lutsk and enjoy miracle drinks directly in the unique center of traditional culture “Honey House”, located on the Theatre Square.

In addition, visitors of “ECOHALA” were attracted by honey workshops and free tasting of honey drinks, one of Volyn’s regional products, known from the ancient times of dukes!




Луцьк вкотре став приємним відкриттям для наших польських партнерів і ще раз підтвердив свою славу «медового міста»!

Щиро дякуємо адміністрації міста Жешув за запрошення на виставку та їх гостинність, а нашим друзям-партнерам з Братства бджолярів Землі Волинської «Ройовий Стан» Володимиру Дмитруку, Антону та Марії Шотік – за збереження й популяризацію українських традицій та культури, а також промоцію туристичного потенціалу міста Луцька!




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