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Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church is one of the rare gothic architectural monuments in Volyn.

The foundation was laid on June 24, 1906 and the German colonists church community sponsored the building. Up to the 18th century here was the Carmelite monastery. In 1907 the church was sanctified. During 1927-1928 two brick buildings were constructed nearby, which were the places for administration, the pastor’s house and a school for 50 pupils.

But when World War II began German colonists were evicted from Volyn. The church was turned into the Volyn Region State Archives, and in the pastor’s house they made the archives administration and the halls for reading.

Church’s peaceful existence was disturbed by a storm which broke its steep central spire and threw it on the ground. But more damages were caused by a fire which occurred some years later.

At the beginning of the 1990s the church was fully reconstructed by the local Evangelical Baptist community who began using it for their spiritual needs.


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