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Lutsk Menu 2014

Lutsk Menu 2014

10th (Saturday) Opening of the Tourist Season – Theatrical Presentation “Mysteries of the Old City”

11th (Sunday) All–Ukraine Festival “Embroidered Symbols of Unity”

17th (Saturday) Day of Europe Activities

18th (Sunday) International Art Event “Museum Night”

23rd, 24th (Friday, Saturday) 10th International Jazz/folk festival “Musical Dialogues”

25th (Sunday) Festival “Ancient Lutsk – Palette of Cultures”

Events celebrating the 585th anniversary of the Congress of European Monarchs:


  • Festival of Bell Art “Volyn Reverence"
  • Art Activity “Urbs Lucoria – Lutsk” 
  • International Painters Plenum


28th, 29th (Saturday, Sunday) Festival “Night at Lutsk Castle)

29th (Sunday) Intrernational Sport Walking Competition – “Lutsk Ten”

6th (Sunday) Festival “Lutsk Princess”

12th, 13th (Saturday, Sunday) International Festival of Contemporary Art “Art Territory”

1st – 3rd (Friday – Sunday) All-Ukraine festival “Bandershtat – 2014”

16th, 17th (Saturday, Sunday) Automobile/motorcycle festival “AutoWESTern – 2014”

23rd, 24th (Saturday, Sunday) Celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day and the Day of Lutsk

Art Event “Kobzar Council”

Express-plenum “Lutsk in Space and Time”

29th, 30th (Friday, Saturday) International jazz festival “Art-Jazz Cooperation” Lutsk and Rivne

International Festival “Theater Beyond the Boundaries of Theaters”

27th (Saturday) International Day of Tourism

5th (Sunday) Festival “Ancient Lutsk – Age of Valor”

26th (Sunday) Festival “To Salo with Love”

New Year and Christmas Events:


  • Art project “Traditional Ukraine” St. Andrew’s Eve
  • St. Nicholas Day; Event – “St. Nicholas Remembers Everybody”
  • Dramatic lighting of the Lutsk New Year Tree
  • Christmas workshops; literary and arts events – “Let’s Meet Christmas”
  • City contest of Christmas symbols – “Carol Miracles”




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