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Petro Tronevych invites you to Lutsk

Petro Tronevych invites you to Lutsk

In this series of articles famous citizens of Lutsk answer 2 questions:

1. What is your favorite place in Lutsk, and why?

2. Which event (festival, concert, performance) would you recommend to someone to experience? Why?

The answer given by Petro Tronevych, the Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection, ethnographer and researcher of the history of the Volyn region in the 14th-16th centuries.

1. Of course, my favorite place in Lutsk is Lubart's Castle. Honestly, when I saw it for the first time, it seemed to me to be just dead walls...I was still young. However, the more I explored the history of the castle, the more it amazes me. It was a state residence, a place where many public authorities worked. Hundreds of thousands of people, including hundreds of emperors, kings, princes and hetmans have passed through the gates of this castle! It has survived many attacks. It held The Congress of European Monarchs! Our castle was built out of brick, made of clay. This clay has accumulated and retained all the castle’s information. I want to believe that one day we will be able to take one of those bricks and insert it in some kind of a machine, like a CD player, and watch a movie about all the events that have happened in our castle. But now, to open all the stories of the castle, we must be satisfied with our opportunity to work with a huge historical archive (1,5 million documents!).

2. My favorite holiday is Independence Day. It is celebrated all over the city, in the ancient castle and on the modern squares (Theater square or the one near the university). Moreover, all citizens celebrate this holiday because it connects the past and the present and satisfies everyone’s tastes, regardless of occupation or preferences.



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