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"Robinson" invites to Lutsk!

"Robinson" invites to Lutsk!

Dear residents, visitors of the city and potential tourists who are looking for a picturesque place of Ukraine to spend an unforgettable vacation!

There was published material about Lutsk with amazing pictures of Victor Chukhrai in the June number of the magazine for real travelers "Robinson" (circulation 10 000 copies). 

We offer this material for educational purposes. Lutsk citizens can once again feel proud of your native city, and tourists have the possibility to make the right decision on future trips.

We will meet in Lutsk! It doesn’t matter what the weather will be!

If you have traveled around the world, visited Europe, Asia, Africa and America, it would be difficult for us to surprise you…

But this year you have an opportunity to get a new experience - to feel as if you’re in Europe without leaving Ukraine. You can’t believe this? Come to Lutsk!

If I would compare my town with any gemstone, it would not be a brilliant one. My town is not so garish and shining. Maybe not a pearl, since a pearl does not exist long - my town is more than one thousand years old.

Maybe I will compare it with alexandrite or topaz, which change their colors according to angle of view, lighting and weather. My city offers something for everybody depending on what they want to see. It is cultural, European, openly Ukrainian, exciting, impressive, historical, youthful, informal, romantic, traditional…

Lutsk is my city and I love it. And I want to share this with you!!! I want my city to share all its secrets and be a pleasant discovery for you.

Lutsk is not a big city. You can walk all through it in a day - but do not make that mistake. Come to Lutsk for a several days. And do not be in a hurry, come into friendly cafes and restaurants, visit museums, take part in cultural and arts events. You will be inspired by the quiet and cozy aura of the ancient city. Our city will share warmth and calmness, give inspiration and confidence…. Only in Lutsk can you feel that time has no power over you.

By the way, they say that banderivtsi live in Lutsk and I confirm this. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army was created in Volyn region. Yes, in Lutsk real “banderivtsi” live – kind and affable people.

Come to Lutsk and they will imprison you with hospitality and sincerity will torture you with the help of borsch and mushroom soup, vodka and salo, kruchenyky and smoked eel, you will drink honey beverages and taste different goodies…

Come here and be not afraid. The only thing you will lose – your stereotypes.

Lutsk is the honey city. Apiculture has evolved through centuries here and reached outstanding heights.

We welcome you to our unique centre of traditional culture “Honey House,” situated in downtown Lutsk on Theatre Square, to taste varieties of honey and sweets, and to try cosmetics and cleansing preparations based on honey and other products of apiculture…

And of course you need to taste honey drinks. You do not know what they are? You know!

In childhood you might hear at the end of fairytale: “And I was there, drinking honey and beer...”

Yes, yes. It is exactly that honey which our ancestries, princess and knights, lords and ladies drank at banquets and feasts.

This honey was also there 585 years ago, when an event happened in Lutsk which changed its status and history. Our city appeared on all European maps. It was the Congress of European Monarchs!!!

In 1429 in glorious Luchesk, which is situated on the banks of river Styr, Grand Lithenian Duke Vytautas hosted a group of very special guests. And what guests they were! The castle welcomed: King of Poland Jagiello, Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish King Erik, delegates of Infland and the Teutonic Knights, ambassadors of Pope Martin V, and legates of the Byzantine Empire and the Grand Duchy of Moscow. They arrived not for a rest but with a great mission: to discuss problems of European defense against Ottoman invaders and most important, to witness the coronation of Vytautas. The congress became the biggest event in the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe. And history remembers it as The European Congress of 1429 in Lutsk.

The number of noble guests with their servants and guards totaled more than 15 thousand people (three times the local population of Lutsk). They were accommodated not only in the castle and city but also in surrounding villages: Gnidava, Krasne, Omelanuk, Zaborol, Zhydychyn.

Guests enjoyed great entertainment in the times between diplomatic discussions. Monarchs played games and participated in jousting tournaments, races and different hunting excursions. They also loved to eat and drink in high style (especially when it was at the expanse of another duke). Everyday they consumed 700 barrels of honey and wine, 700 oxen, 1400 sheep, and hundreds of elk, boars, and many other small animals.

But unfortunately Vytautas was not destined to become the king. The crown for his coronation, delivered by the Pope’s Nuncios, was stolen and the Lithuanian Kingdom was never established in Lutsk.

However even today, if you look at the top of the entrance Tower of Lutsk Castle in the light of the rising sun, you can see the outlines of the lost crown. Try it for yourself!!!

Lutsk is wonderful whatever the weather, season or mood. Visit Lutsk - it will leave special, unforgettable and vivid impression on your soul.

See you soon!!!

7 facts about Lutsk, which you may not know:

1. Lutsk Castle was a winner of the nationwide contest “Seven wonders of Ukraine: castles, fortress, palaces”. And you can see it on every 200 UAH bill.

2. European Union was initiated in Lutsk – in 1429 the Congress of European Monarchs met to discuss the questions of interstate relationships and collective safety.

3. Lutsk was the second capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus and Zhamogitia.

4. Because of its large number of religious temples and monasteries Lutsk was once called the “Small Rome of the East”.

5. Lesia Ukrainka wrote her first poem - called “Hope” - in Lutsk.

6. The Princess of Siam (Thailand) was born in Lutsk.

7. “Volynianka” – a famous off-road vehicle was produced in Lutsk; now “Bogdan” manufactures modern buses and trolleybuses here.

10 reasons to visit Lutsk this year:

1. Architecture: discover preserved samples of architecture from different epochs and in different styles.

2. Polyethnic: everybody can find something from the history of his nation.

3. Museums: enjoy exhibits of interest for everybody. The Kholm Icon of the Divine Mother is the oldest icon in Ukraine, and it is kept in Lutsk!

4. Festivals: plunge into modern culture and art, become a knight or a queen; you can feel your true Ukrainian self in Lutsk.

5. Catacomb: visit the interesting underground city, which hides even more mysteries.

6. Cuisine: taste dishes, recipes for which remain from the times of the ancient dukes.

7. Honey: drink the original duke’s honey (those from legends) because Lutsk is a honey city.

8. Environmental: experience one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Ukraine.

9. People: meet open, amiable, hospitable and kind hosts.

10. The city is situated at an international crossroads: visit Lutsk when you go to Poland, Belarus, Kyiv, Lviv or Shatsks lakes; we’re on the way to all of them.



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