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Take part in the Klykun-quest!

Take part in the Klykun-quest!

So, who is this Klykun?

One of the ancient and mysterious symbols of our city is the Klikun. In the interwar Lutsk was found a piece of tile with an unusual image: the head of a man in a cap and the upper part of the ax.

Historians have established that on the tile, which dates back to the 15th century, a city guard with a fire halberd in his hand was depicted. The mouth opened reveals that he, in addition, was a click. He had to "call" (declare) on the streets and squares of the orders of the king, the order of the magistrate - the city government, to inform citizens about the collection of taxes and important events or news.

Urban stories inspired us to hold the KLYKUN quest!

So, we will wait for everyone at the Tourist Information and Services Center (2 Senatorka Levchanivska) on Sunday, May 13, at 2:00 pm.

Terms of participation:

1) Form a team (2-3 participants);

2) Register the team by filling out the Google Form:

3) Get on the game in time.

Each team will receive a task. The quest is given 3 hours, so at 17:00 we are waiting for the results of your walks.

The awards will be held at 17:30 in the Tourist Information Center "Center of Tourist Information and Services" (2 Senatorka Levchanivska St.). The organizers prepared for the winners valuable gifts.

The event is timed to the opening of the 2018 tourist season.

And remember, "klykuns" will tell you the way to the victory.

Pre-registration for Google Form:

Good luck! :)


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