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The second tour of the "Guides on vacation"

The second tour of the "Guides on vacation"

This time we open the doors of The Volyn Ethnography Museum. The free tour will be conducted by Natalia Efimovna -- the Honorary Historian of Ukraine, the Chief keeper of the funds of the Volyn Ethnography Museum and winner of the Mykola Pushkar Volyn Regional Prize. Visitors will see the exhibits “The Volyn Ethnography Museum - a Treasure of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Volyn”, including a collection of eight bronze medals with pictures of the most majestic cathedrals of Europe (received during the interwar period); collections of artifacts from ancient times from the Northern shores of the Black Sea (vases, coins, bracelets, necklaces); Gorodyshchenskyi treasure (neck hryvnias, bracelets, beads), found by the famous archaeologist M. Kuchynk; individual items from Radzyvilivska collection, including a unique family tree, woven on silk. In addition, all visitors will be able to visit the exhibition "Rescued for Ukraine", which has an extremely interesting album with stamps from the middle of the 19th century (among them - the first stamps from the United States of the mid-19th century, stamps from the Canadian provinces, the British colonies, Bulgaria under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, and the German lands).

We will wait for you on Sunday, July 6th, at 12.00 at the Volyn Ethnography Museum (Chopin St., 20).



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