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  • Lutsk castle

    Lutsk castle

    We invite you to visit the main tourist object in Lutsk – the medieval castle preserved from the 14th century. It is the winner of Ukrainian Contest "Seven Wonders of Ukraine: Castles, Palaces, Fortresses" in the category Castles.

    10.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m.

  • St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral

    St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral

    Saint Paul's and Peter's Cathedral was built in 1616-1639 based on a design of Italian architect Giacomo Briano. Among Jesuit cathedrals in Eastern Europe, Lutsk Cathedral is the largest.

  • Lutsk Vault

    Lutsk Vault

    Except the surface city Lutsk has a developed net of the underground routes. The three-leveled vault used to keep sacral objects, ancient canteen, prison, feretories. St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church vault is the leader among the most mysterious Ukrainian vaults according to the project ILoveUkraine.

    Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun. 9.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.

  • Kosach Family House

    Kosach Family House

    Kosach Family House is famous for the fact that Lessia Ukrainka had been living for several months here. The Cultural Heritage “Staryi Lutsk” administration and museum-room "Lessia’s Room " are situated here today.

  • Lutheran Church

    Lutheran Church

    The Lutheran church with its Neo-Gothic style and high spire became one of the most spectacular buildings in modern Lutsk. The church was built through the efforts of German church member colonists in 1906-1907. For many years it remained one of the main temples of worship of German colonists in Volyn.

  • House with Chimeras

    House with Chimeras

    Not far from the Lubart Castle, in the Old City on the bank of the river Styr is yet another interesting building, called the “Second Castle” by some.

  • Main Synagogue

    Main Synagogue

    The main Jewish Synagogue is the monument of the Jewish religious architecture of the 17th century. Its main peculiarity is a defensive tower built to the pray hall. The traditional feature of that time building is a number of niches in an arciform.

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

    Holy Trinity Cathedral

    The construction of the Lusk Holy Trinity Cathedral began in 1752 and over the next 250 years it became the most important sacred place in Volyn with a rich and interesting history. Prior to the cathedral, this was the site of a Bernardine Monastery, part of a monastic order of the Catholic Church. The monastery was built in Volyn after the Lublin Union in 1569.

  • The Tower of Chortoryiski

    The Tower of Chortoryiski

    The Tower of Chortoryiski is the only one preserved till now tower among the other eight towers of the Okolnyi (Lower) castle. If you come close you will see how thick the walls are and observe its gothic brickwork.

  • Protection of Most Holy Lady Church

    Protection of Most Holy Lady Church

    Protection of Virgin Orthodox Church (17-18 с.) is the one among two preserved Orthodox churches, built in the royal times of history. Today it is the Cathedral of Lutsk and Volyn eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, of the Moscow Patriarchate