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  • Hotel "Sribni Leleky"

    Hotel "Sribni Leleky"Recommended

    Hotel "Sribni Leleky" is located near the city center. The hotel welcomes its guests with the beauty of nature and high level of comfort. 

    Chornovola St. 17

  • Recreational complex "Restpark"

    Recreational complex "Restpark"Recommended

    The complex is located in Strumka village, among the picture perfect nature. The territory of the complex is 2 hectares, and it is a real park for guests to get the best rest. It is located near highway M08 (H22). From the side of Rivne to the center of Lutsk it is only 9 km. Getting to the city is possible with several types of taxi and trolley buses. 

    Strumivka village, Rivnenska St. 135



    Noble Boutique Hotel offers accommodation in Luts’k. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. 

    39 Kryvyi Val Street

  • Hotel "Ukraina"

    Hotel "Ukraina"

    The hotel complex "Ukraina" is situated in the very center of the city. 

    Slovatskogo St. 2

  • Hotel "Svitiaz"

    Hotel "Svitiaz"

    Hotel “Svitiaz” (3 stars) is situated not far from the city center in a park zone near the river Styr. 

    Naberezhna St. 4

  • Hotel "Altamira"

    Hotel "Altamira"

    The hotel complex "Altamira" is situated in seven km from Lutsk. 

    Rivnenska St. 184

  • Hotel "Zelenyy gay"

    Hotel "Zelenyy gay"

    Located only 11 km from the city, the hotel is an ideal place for rest. 

    Kopachivka village, Pershotravneva St. 1A

  • Hotel “Laguna”

    Hotel “Laguna”

    Hotel “Laguna” offers to spend a good time far away from the city bustle and get an unforgettable experience! 

    Okruzhna St. 32

  • Hotel "Motor"

    Hotel "Motor"

    The hotel is situated in a calm and cozy place. 

    Chkalova St. 24

  • Hotel "Okolytsia"

    Hotel "Okolytsia"

    Hotel “Okolytsia” is situated on the road out of the city, on the highway Lutsk-Rivne-Kyiv. 

    Rivnenska St. 154

  • Hotel "Profspilkovyi"

    Hotel "Profspilkovyi"

    Hotel "Profspilkovyi" will surprise you by combination of a good quality and reasonable prices. 

    Vidrodgennia Av. 24

  • Complex "Kolobok"

    Complex "Kolobok"

    The complex includes a restaurant and a hotel, both open 24/7. 

    village Kniahyninok, Central Square

  • Hostel of  the Volyn National University College of Food Technology

    Hostel of the Volyn National University College of Food Technology

    The first hostel in Lutsk 

    Danshyna 14a

  • Rhombus Hotel

    Rhombus Hotel

    The hotel is built in the most beautiful - historical part of the city. All of the most prominent sights of culture and architecture of Lutsk are located practically in the neighborhood - the German Lutheran church, the house with chimeras of sculptor Mykola Golovan, the cathedral of the XVII century, a few meters - the defensive synagogue of the XVII century, the oldest Orthodox churches in the city. Lubarts Castle is conveniently situated nearby. street Danyla Halytskogo, 33 

    street Danyla Halytskogo, 33

  • Motel “Zolote yabluko”

    Motel “Zolote yabluko”

    Motel "Zolote yabluko" is located on the outskirts of Lutsk. In the motel there are several rooms with air conditioning, TV and a private bathroom. 

    Volodymyrska St., 72

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