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The best advertising of Lutsk is 200 hryvnia’s bill. On the obverse of the banknote depicts Lesya Ukrainka, who lived a few months in our city, and on the reverse – Entrance Tower of Lutsk Castle.

Lutsk castle in Internet voting took first place in the National competition "Seven Wonders of Ukraine: Castles, palaces, fortresses".

Lutsk is the birthplace of many famous Ukrainians. Among our contemporaries are football player Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, writers Oksana Zabuzhko, Yuri Pokalchuk, Vasil Slapchuk, singers Vasil Zinkevych Sasha Polozhinskyi, producer Oles Sanin, Russian artist Aleksandr Serov and many others.

Few people know that in Lutsk was born Princess of Siam (now Thailand) Na Phitsanulok. In Ukraine this girl was known by the name of Catherine Desnitska. Exotic name she received after official recognition at home of her husband in Thailand.

Modern Lutsk “hundred metres” was named after Lesya Ukrainka. Most Lutsk citizens remember it by name as Radianska. However, the street was formed in the XII century and displays all turns of the history of Lutsk. It was renamed 13 times. At various times it was called: Pretchystenska, Olitska, Dubenska, Shosova (Shoseyna), Emperor Nicholas II, Golovna, Jagelonska, Stalina, Shevchenka, Golovna, Stalina, Radianska, Lesi Ukrainky.

First railway to Lutsk arose by accident or by bureaucratic negligence: when Tsar Alexander III asked the Minister of War, how to get to Lutsk and received the answer "by train". When the minister learned that the track leads only to Kivertsi then he hastily decided to save the situation. Construction was completed in record time - 20 days, so in 1890, Alexander III was able to come to Lutsk by train.