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Become a military for an hour

If you have already discovered the Medieval history of Lutsk and walked around every street in the Old Town and still have some free time left, visit Volyn Regional Military Museum -one of the top ten Ukrainian military installations that are available for tourists!

This museum was opened in 1999 and is Unique for Western Ukraine because of the interesting items it preserves.

For just 5 UAH, you can experience the power of military equipment. For just 20 UAH, you can take a guided tour and find out a lot of interesting things you’ve never known before.

The first thing that catches your eye on the way to the museum (if you walk from Voli Ave.), are the jets. Of course, the technical characteristics and numbers mean nothing to an ordinary person, but when you see, for example, its weight, you start thinking how 70 thousand pounds of steel can fly.

Walking around the museum, you can see the missiles, possible speed, mass (5000 pounds rocket, flying at a speed of 2000 miles per hour), and power of which draw your attention and amaze yourself with the possible consequences.

The most attractive part of your visit to the museum is an opportunity to imagine yourself as a real life pilot or a tank man (just be careful on the pretty steep stairs to the cab of Su- 24M jet). It’s not every day that you can click any button on the plane and not really be afraid to fly away =)

Walking around all these war machines you begin to feel tiny.

In addition to the street exposure, the museum has several rooms inside its building, where anyone can see samples of uniforms, weapons, and radio equipment, results of archaeological researches. Here you can also go through flight records of Lieutenant Stepan Slesarchuk and educational notes of young pilots.

The schedule of the museum is very convenient, as it is opened every day from 10am till 5 pm, so if you have some free time left, go there without a doubt.

Na Taboryshchi St. 6 (from the side of Chopin St.)



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