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Danyla Bratkovskogo Street

A beautiful and cozy street that runs from the Brother Bridge Square and Danyla Galytskogo Street to Cathedral Street. It was formed in the late eighteenth century.

Today, most of the street is now located on the destroyed wooden fortifications of the Lower Castle and Hlushets suburbs. The street intersects with Molodizhna (Youth) Street that was formed in the postwar period. Its first name is Credit Street, in 1920 it was named after Queen Jadwiga. In 1939, the street got the name of the Russian poet Volodymyr Mayakovsky, starting from 1941 it had the name of the Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko. After the Second World War it was again named after Mayakovsky. The street got its modern name in the 1990s.

Bratkovsky Danylol Bogdanovych (unknown-1702) - a Ukrainian poet and activist. The book of poems, "The World, as Viewed in Parts" (Krakow, 1697) is an outstanding example of epigrammatic poetry that criticizes the social system of the Rich Pospolyta (Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth). He was arrested and in 1702, after long tortures, executed at the Market Square in Lutsk.

There are two houses at the beginning of the street, that were rebuilt according to the original projects, that were foung in a local archive. To the right one can see a house with a figure of a saint holding a baby. That is a former Cathedral house where a number of charity organizations, including a shelter for orphans, were located. Another interesting house is situated at the end of the street. It is an old one-storied house. In the historical descriptions of the Volyn province in 1789, this building is referred to as a pharmacy of Mr. Zholkovskyi.

Photo by Arthur ALYOSHYN

Text by Valdemar PYASETSKYI, Feodosiy MANDZIUK


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