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How young artists from Lutsk used the pavement for communication

An extraordinary exhibition by Ishtvan Kus and Karina Arutyunyan was presented in Lutsk.

An extraordinary exhibition by Ishtvan Kus and Karina Arutyunyan was presented in Lutsk. Their project "Keep silence, please" was presented on March 11th in the lower hall of the "Art Gallery".

Young artists Istvan Kus and Karina Arutyunyan presented a project that has a multiple meanings. The artists have used two phrases - "Silence causes violence" and "Violence causes silence" which are interrelated. They tried to show the accelerating process of silence and a lack of communication with the government.

With another phrase, "He who has ears, let him hear," the artists tried to draw people's attention to the silence which until recent times was very common and was caused by fear. Thus they decided to use Morse code as the way of silent communication.

"When a person goes out to the central squares of different towns, there’s pavement under their feet that can say something, as this person is standing on a Morse code message. We dedicated our exhibition to the events at Maidan, since pavement bricks were the most important weapon there. War is also a way to communicate when we cannot resolve conflict in words. So, we can use pavement stones for communication. Militaries understand the Morse code very well, so perhaps this can be the way to talk to them, "- said Ishtvan Kus.

Karina Arutyunyan said that a word is a very powerful weapon and can cause a person great pain. Abstract concepts such as being quiet and silence are associated with death in nature.

"Pavement itself is gray, there’s a lot of it, it is everywhere, and when you go out into the street and around you all the ground is gray you will start feeling depressed. We just wanted to find some beauty and perhaps some sense in this grey routine," said Arutyunyan.

The name of the event, as the authors explain, is connected with the history of mankind - the more people are silent, the more suppressed they are. So the name "Keep silence, please" is sarcastic.

Article and photos: Volynnews



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