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In Volyn the strongest Heroes!

Volyn Cossacks won silver at the National Festival "Cossack Entertainments - 2016".

The Finals were held in Chernihiv, traditionally held among the regional centers for physical health "Sport for All". The festival was organized by the Ukrainian Center for physical health "Sport for All" and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian center for physical health is the "Sport for All Saints that gathered greatness of spirit and health from 12 amateur teams with athletes from all over Ukraine. The event program consisted of 4 competitions - "Chumak", "Deck", "Cossack barricade" and "Cossack character" and the organizers of the event were provided a tour for the festival.

This year the Volyn Regional Center was successful in introducing physical health. It was the "Sport for All" team winning heroes’ regional festival "Cossack Fun" Kushnir Sydorchuk Victor and Alexander from the village Manevichi who won at the National Festival of second place.

Source : Tabloid Volyn.


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