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Lutsk has blossomed with flower colors

There was held a flower festival "Flowering Lutsk" on August 24 in the central park of the city

Despite bad weather conditions hundreds of Lutsk residents and visitors dressed in shirts with patriotic signs arrived in the central park of the city to look at the amazing works made with flowers and other products of floral design.

More than 50 participants presented their composition. The theme of this year competition is the slogan - "Ukraine is united!". Enterprises of different ownership, subdivisions of the City Council, florists professionals and community organizations revealed this idea complementing the composition with Ukraine state banners, map of the country, focusing on territorial integrity and collegiality, calling for peace. 

Pleasant sweet, lovely colors, originality of ideas created a positive mood. Each flower presented its present character and beauty.

Photo: Department of Information of the City Council and VolynPost


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