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New railway station in Lutsk!

On October, 26 took place the inauguration of railway station in Lutsk. On this occasion, Station Square was decorated with numerous flags and balloons. But even without them the renovated station deserves admiration. Particularly impressively looks new building at night.

The building of the railway station is noticeable from afar – it completes the wide Grushevsky Avenue. Even closer can be seen high spiers, arched curves of windows and doors, numerous benches and lights. We hope that guests who arrive by train to Lutsk, from the first minutes would feel cozy and comfortable.

Inside are waiting rooms with comfortable chairs, electronic scoreboard with schedule, information tables, suburban and inter-city ticket offices and referral service. The platform of the station is paved with cobblestones and decorated with flower beds, and along it there are series of lights.

On these photos you can see the new railway station in day and evening lights.



  • Миша17-10-2014 18:13reply

    в каком году было открытие?

  • Admin11-11-2014 11:16reply

    Перший вокзал у Луцьку було відкрито в 1890 р., реконструкція ж приміщення теперішнього вокзалу відбувалася протягом 2011-2012 рр., і нове приміщення залізничного вокзалу відкрили 26 жовтня 2012 р.

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