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Night at Lutsk Castle

There is a special event in Lutsk, when the medieval castle is alive until dawn. Guest and citizens of Lutsk are looking forward to the art show "Night at Lutsk Castle" all the year round. This time, it justified all the visitors’ expectations.

Except for the musicians, actors, knights and artists there were also angels during the show. They accompanied the guests throughout the event.

The music during the show was quite different: the headliner of the festival was Ruslana. By the way, she shoot her video "Dawn" in Lutsk castle. Before her performance there were also playing  such bands as "Tryzna" (Poland), "Troitsa" (Belarus), "Bakchus" (Czech Republic) and "Mgzavrebi" from Georgia.

A fire show in the walls of the castle was particularly bright. Throughout the performance the participants could taste the medieval and modern dishes, buy products of folk artists and even check their pottery and blacksmith skills.

Photos by Roman Dombrovsky, Taras Kovalchuk


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