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Romantic stories of my Lutsk

On February 15th, continuing the romantic mood of St. Valentine's Day, the Center for Tourist Information and Services invited guests on a journey full of love stories from the lives of the residents of Lutsk.

We have immersed into an unusual tour around the city. Into the tour, we opened Lutsk in a new way, by showing not just its history but the life of its residents.

We started our journey from one of the most famous landmarks - Lutsk castle, as this beautiful monument hides memories of past ages: numerous receptions and defenses, life of its citizens, and the most important stories of the greatest feeling - love.

And our castle is a magnificent monument of love, because Lubart decided to immortalize the property of his beloved wife and started to rebuild wooden fortifications into the ones made from stone, making it stand strong, majestic and eternal, like their love.

Near the former palace of the Grand Lithuanian Chancellor Albrecht Radzyvill, everyone enjoyed a romantic story of his parents.

The Tower of Chartoryiski revealed the love story of Prince Dmitry Sangushko and Princess Halshka Ostrozka, and the Market Square told us the history of lovers whose feelings, spun their head and almost left them without one.

At the Brotherhood (Hlushets) bridge the city met us as a Volynian Venice, with its gondoliers, flooded buildings and the restaurant that treated its visitors with authentic Venetian dishes.

Our romantic walk around Lutsk ended with the stories with aromas of honey and coffee.



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