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Tourist season is open!

On May 18-20 in Lutsk took place a number of activities on the occasion of the opening of tourist season.

On May 18-20 in Lutsk opened tourist season. To entice tourists and inhabitants of Lutsk were organized numerous tours, meetings, exhibitions, watching movies. The highlight was the theatrical tour, which showed a main street in Lutsk in 20-th years of the last century.

Many visitors were interested in free excursions, which on the occasion of the opening of the city for the tourists conducted well known people in Lutsk: local historian Sergei Godlevsky, radio anchorwoman Victoria Zhukovska, lead singer of Lutsk band "Fiolet" Sergei Martyniuk. English-speaking tourists were under the patronage of the volunteer of Peace Corps Terry Mettison that is familiar with the city for two years.


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